Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Welcome to Upper Freehold Township

Additional Flu Shots

In an attempt to reduce the number of people infected by the flu, Upper Freehold Twp. will be offering an opportunity to Upper Freehold Residents for a Multi-Strain Flu Shot clinic on February 26, 9:30am to 1:00pm at the Municipal Building, 314 Route 539, Cream Ridge.

If you had a flu shot earlier this season you can get this shot to deter 3 different strains.  If you have insurance please bring your insurance card.


Right to Farm & Country Code

Upper Freehold Township has been recognized for its commitment to Preserving Farmlands and the industry of Agriculture by adopting  a “Right to Farm” Ordinance and a “Country Code" Ordinance. Over 10,000 acres of prime farmland has been preserved in Upper Freehold Township for farms or for other open space uses. Farmland and open land are beneficial to the local tax base as livestock do not attend school or require a police department and other costly services. Even though this land is taxed at a lower value it more than pays for itself. Because the services associated with farms are so minimal, the Township has been able to benefit from the net positive impact that farm and open land contribute to the local municipal budget.
Many are attracted to this community because of the open space and the rural atmosphere. In order to perpetuate the commitment of the citizens of Upper Freehold, we ask that you support the intent of these ordinances. For the entire Country Code description, please click on "Referenced Documents" on the left sidebar on this page.
Thank you for keeping Upper Freehold Township a truly rural and agricultural community.