Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Drug Alliance

The Upper Freehold Allentown Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:  This is a community based volunteer organization dedicated to preventing the abuse of and illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, especially among youth and families,  by promoting healthy lifestyles through community involvement, educational programs and family oriented events.  

Meetings Held:
Meeting Dates: Locations:
February 7, 2018 Allentown
March 14, 2018 Allentown
April 11, 2018 Upper Freehold Township
May 9, 2018 Upper Freehold Township
June 6, 2018 Allentown
September 12, 2018 Allentown
October 10, 2018 Upper Freehold Township
November 14, 2018 Allentown 
 January 9, 2019 Allentown (Reorg.)



March 4, 2018  Mother/Son Bonding Through Bowling

May 4, 2018      Daddy/Daughter Dance