Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Zoning Board of Adjustment

James Waskovich  Chairman Regular Member 12/31/17
Douglas TottenVice Chair/Regular Member12/31/20
Paritosh DesaiRegular Member 12/31/17
Roger Gravatt    Regular Member       12/31/18
Ken Horner   Regular Member        12/31/19
Anthony GaragusoRegular Member12/31/18
Alfred MottolaRegular Member12/31/20
Shane AlleyAlt #1    12/31/18
Kurt A. Bolz IIIAlt #2     12/31/18
Michael Steib, Esq.Board of Adjustment Attorney       12/31/17
Glenn GerkenBoard of Adjustment Engineer  12/31/17
Applications and instructions are found in the documents listed below.
Attached Document or FileZBA & ZBA Filing Instructions - READ FIRST ZBA & ZBA Filing Instructions - READ FIRST
Attached Document or FileResidential Bulk Variance Application Form Residential Bulk Variance Application Form
Attached Document or FileApplication & Escrow Fee Table Application & Escrow Fee Table