Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Open Space Committee

Upper Freehold Township Open Space and Farmland Preservation Committee
Team Charter

The Open Space Committee has been established to coordinate the decision-making regarding Open Space in the spirit of the guiding principles of the "Land Use Plan Element" such as:

  1. Maintain the rural and country atmosphere, which prevails throughout most of the township.
  2. Preserve farmland to the maximum extent possible and in a manner that is reasonable, achievable and equitable to the farmer.
  3. Provide sufficient amounts of open space areas and appropriate facilities for a variety of passive and active recreational needs as part of all residential developments.
  4. Prevent the homogenous spread of suburban type development throughout the Township.
  5. Consider a reasonable approach to addressing the mandate of the "Mt. Laurel II" New Jersey Supreme Court Decision and the requirements of the New Jersey Council of Affordable Housing.
  6. The Open Space Committee will communicate with the Upper Freehold Township Committee and other relevant boards such as the Planning Board regarding recommendations relevant to Open Space.

To manage and respond to Open Space and Recreation issues and to ensure high quality and timely responses to Upper Freehold Township Committee.