Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) was established by ordinance (#123-04)  in 2004 by the Upper Freehold Township Committee. Being a Committee rather than a Commission, the EAC is limited in its authority.  It acts, as its name states, as an advisory body to the various other boards and departments through its preparation of non-binding opinions generated and collected from its several members.

For more information on the EAC's Involvements, click here and expand by clicking the /+/ next to each title General Ordinances / Chapter II / Article 5 , then clicking on the title 2-45 Environmental Advisory Committee.
Member NamePositionTerm Ends on
Marc CovitzChairman12/31/19
Mike RenzulliVice Chairman12/31/18
Walter HelfrechtMember at Large12/31/19
Cristina StummerMember at Large12/31/17
Elliot WiesnerMember at Large12/31/18
Dianne KellyTown Committee Liaisonat discretion of the TC
VACANTMember at Large12/31/17
VACANTAlternate- - -


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