Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey



It is the desire of the Recreation Committee to provide recreational opportunities for the whole community.

There are three parks in the Township which offer families and residents the opportunities to enjoy playgrounds, athletic fields, nature trails, tennis and basketball courts.


If you want to register for a recreation program sponsored by the municipality, be sure to use the SIPlay link below. You may have an account set up through SI Play with other programs but you must initially set up an account through the UFT SI Play website only.

Winter Basketball Registration-Registration Closed
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    Junior Camp Counselor Application 
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 Recreation Committee
Gail MeleRecreation Director
Steve MurphyChairman: Resident Member
Bill MorrisResident Member
Doug WalshResident Member
Howard KriegerUpper Freehold Regional School Board Representative
John InzillaCal Ripken
Andy ClarkPOP Warner Football
Ray GooleyAllentown Upper Freehold Recreation Basketball League
Chris EnnisAllentown Upper Freehold Youth Soccer Association
Mike PowdermakerLacrosse
Sean MutoDrug Alliance Representative
Stan Moslowski JrTownship Committee Liaison
Stephen AlexanderTownship Committee Liaison
Ronald GafgenMunicipal Coordinator of Public Parks and Playgrounds

                                               Jeff Ferrier       Resident Member 

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Municipal Building

Links for Upper Freehold/Allentown Sports

                          Upper Freehold/Allentown Soccer Association              

                          Upper Freehold Baseball/Softball


SI Play Login Page for Municipally sponsored Summer Camp, Basketball and Tennis Programs