Upper Freehold Township, The heartland of New Jersey


Fire Official

The Local Enforcing Agency (LEA) known as the Upper Freehold Township Bureau of Fire Prevention by ordinance of Upper Freehold Township to enforce the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Safety Act in all buildings, structures and premises, other than owner occupied one and two family dwellings, within Allentown Borough and Upper Freehold Township.  The LEA reinforces the need for owners & tenants of buildings to adhere to laws concerning fire and life safety.  Building owners who adhere to the laws of fire safety enhance the safety of firefighters who respond as well as the public who visit.  Code enforcement is a tool to educate the tenants and owners of the importance to keep a fire safe building.  


Common Fire Permit Types
Type 1 - $54
- Tents over 900 square feet or 30 feet in any direction
- Cooking with open flame such as LPG gas grills or other Appliances
- Food Trucks  including outdoor gas grills at events or commercial setting
- Cooking with fire suppression system
- Food Trucks and businesses with commercial kitchens that are a State "non-life hazard use".
Type 2 - $214  (see 5.70-2.7 Permits Required doc below)
Type 3 - $427  (see 5.70-2.7 Permits Required doc below)
Type 4 - $641  (see 5.70-2.7 Permits Required doc below)
Exception:  there shall be no fee for Type 4 permits for storage or activity at a premises registered as a life hazard use in accordance with this subchapter.